Best passive income from your Waves

NODE key features

We pay 98% WAVES and 98% MRT from node rewards to our leasers.

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We make a payment to our leasers on a weekly basis.
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The leased funds never leave the wallet and remain under the full control of the user. You can cancel your lease at any time.
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We pay 98% of Waves tokens + 98% of Miners Rewards Tokens to our leasers.
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Feature blockchain
1% earned by our node goes to special fund dedicated to blockchain development. We have ideas to some cool games based on Waves blockchain.
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Address for leasing waves:

alias: stakewaves

You will start earning rewards after 1000 confirmations of your leasing starting transaction.

Step-by-step guide for leasing Waves
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Open your Waves Wallet
For leasing waves you should use your personal desktop or mobile wallet.
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Click on leasing tab
Wallet -> Leasing on desktop wallets or the Leasing Tab on mobile wallet.
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Click on Start Lease button
Enter our node address 3PGiSJd2BjDyzR5Z28cgtGB584GjbhUTsdk or just "stakewaves" in Recipient field and select the amount of waves to lease.